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Lots of sceptical people would say “Robert you are the craziest guy I have ever met” If anyone would have come to me one day (before I became a professional custom golf clubs builder) and offer me this kind of deal, I would have said exactly the same thing. Sometimes they will find some golf slice tips to improve their golf swings. Even if you find 100 golf swings golf lessons it is very hard to put in practice because you simply cannot correct a mistake for something you have been wrong since many years. All you have in your head is golf slices golf lessons, golf slices golf swings, golf slices golf swings golf lessons! Stop! Or you will go crazy! After spending tons of $, you tried to find free golf lessons, free golf swings, free golf tips. You read your golf daily news thinking you will find something easy

However, do you really know your actual swing! Are you a shoulder golfer on your downswing? Are you controlling your follow threw? Are your hands open angle at the time of impact? You are reading so many free golf articles that you don`t know where to go anymore! Well, you are at the right place because I will not teach you how to become a professional. I will only show you to keep you ball in the fairway. .And this will help reducing your score and enjoy this fantastic sport by simply leaving your golf ball in the fairway.

Many golfers think that you have to be a professional to enjoy this sport! This is absolutely false. What golfers don`t like is to run or look their lost golf balls in the woods! And lose one shut every time! You will discover with your actual swing, why you are slicing or hooking. The difference is instead of learning theses difficult lessons, you will adapt your position according to your actual slices or hooks, so when you hit your ball, you will hit on the sweet spot.


Even some professional golfers do not know this technique and those that do know will not want to reveal the information. “SIMPLE QUESTION OF LOGICS”.

general golf information

Professional players spend all their lives working on their swing. Because the basics of golf swing do not change. They are based on very scientific tests such as lever, power, centrifugal force, thrust plus many years practice and I say «Many years practice».

Most of them start when they were very young and hit over 200 golf ball per day. Major professionals still continue hitting this volume, even after winning major tournaments.


  • You don’t know what your problems are, and you don’t know how to identify
  • You see a lot of your problems, but you don’t know how to fix them
  • You know how to fix your problems, but it will take time and lots of practice.
  • You play naturally without even thinking

basics to a perfect golf swing

There are six basics in the golf swing:

  1. posture
  2. Grips
  3. How you set up to the ball according to your actual swing
  4. Alignment
  5. Rotation
  6. The mental natural swing by fixing you objective only.(play natural without thinking)

If you notice, item # 3 has been indicate in darker characters, this where I will revealed my secrets.

As I am a professional custom golf clubs builder, over the years, I have use computer technology to analyze the golfer’s swing, so I could build the best clubs for them according to their ability and past experience. However lots of golfers were always asking me “Robert, I don’t want anymore slices or hooks, otherwise I will stop playing golf because I have no more pleasure or feeling and it is costing me a fortune in golf ball.

Feeling or Pleasure

Feeling means “to have an emotion or a sensation”. So when you hit your golf club or simply hold you club when you are to ready to hit, you want have the insurance that the ball will go straight naturally without thinking of all the basics previously mentioned.

First what type of golf swing do you have?

  1. Are you a golfer with a slice?
  2. Are you a golfer with a hook?
  3. Are you a golfer with a hook and slice?
  1. A golfer with a slice is someone who has an exaggerate ball flight which is moving from left to right.
  2. A golfer with a hook is someone who has an exaggerate ball flight which is moving from right to left 3)
  3. A golfer with a slice or hook is someone who has an exaggerate ball flight from left to right or right to left .This has been my toughest clients to determine their ball impact as they do not have a constant swing. Usually these clients are beginners and have no basics, or never took any golf lessons.

information on golf Slices

The slice is a shot which usually starts off slightly to the left, and then rotate to the right in the air. The slice is a common fault that occurs in many beginners game and has to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a player. A fade is just a regular shot from left to right). A fade is a perfectly legitimate shot that many people and professionals use. A slice is not.

Let’s me explain the cause of the slice. When your clubface enters the hitting zone, the clubface itself is open and hit the ball on an open angle. This create an immediate rotation spin to the ball from left to right (depending of the degree that your club face hit the ball) which will create a faster rotation when slice if exaggerated.
In most cases, the slice is NOW controllable with my GOLF SECRETS REVEALED package which will stop slicing for ever.

The straight, pull and push Golf Slices

correct your golf swing

Over the years before I became a professional custom golf clubs builder, I had problem with my game (well, since we're being honest here, I had a lot more than one problem, but we're not going to get into all that right now). 70% of the time I would slice the ball so bad that I'd be at least 1 fairway over for my second shot unless there happened to be obstacle off to the right).

I tried many different swing aids and training to try to correct my slice. I practiced when I could. My slice did get a little better but not 100%. Only a half swings, I was loosing distance. But when I would take a full swing, I would still slice the ball just about every time. Then I discovered my secret.

When I became professional builder and started using computer technology to analyze my swing, it took less than 2 months to correct my slice with a simple step-by-step system. I now hit my tee shots further, and straighter than ever, which makes my second shots a LOT easier! In fact, I've even learned how to put a nice draw or fade on the ball (which is normal), something I could NEVER do before, at least not on purpose. Can you see why I wish to revealed my secret?

Here is what this secret did for me, and WILL do for you too

  • it will correct your slice or hook
  • it will Increase distance to your shots
  • it will give you confidence on the tee

This special golf technique fixed my slice and will fix your slices or hooks, Guarantee WOULD IT NOT BE NICE TO HAVE A STRAIGHT SWING WITHOUT THINKING?

When I was swinging the club I had so many thoughts in my head I was lucky just to hit the ball at all until I became professional builder and discovered these amazing secrets. After only 2 month analysis I was already seeing a noticeable difference in my impact. After a couple of weeks I was a lot more confident in my swing because it was becoming more consistent! Now I do not even think about it, I just get up there, line up with where I want to place my ball, and swing right in the fairway.

I have no doubts that by using this technique you will be able to:

  1. Become completely confident in your swing!
  2. Concentrate on the fairway instead of how to swing the club
  3. Reduce at least 10 to15 strokes off your handicap!

Wouldn't it be nice to tee off with a clear head, only concentrating on where you want to place the ball instead of all of those painful swing thoughts?

I lowered my handicap with the GOLF SECRETS REVEALED PACKAGE. Correcting a golf slice is the fastest way to reduce strokes off of your golf game. Slicing a golf ball is one of the most frequent mistake that an average golfer makes. Some golfers remain upset for years because they never find out why they are slicing a golf ball.

However, if you are ever going to become a good fairway golfer, correcting a golf slice is a must. This simple and logical technique will demonstrate how to solve golf slices once and for all simply by practicing using the techniques provided in my Golf Revealed Secrets Package.

From now on, you will be able to say, “BYE BYE SLICE” with my GOLF SECRETS REVEALED PACKAGE which will stop slicing for ever.

Information on golf hook

The hook is a shot which usually starts off slightly to the right, then swerves to the left in the air. The hook is a common fault that occurs in many beginners game and has to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a golfer. In most cases, the hook is NOW controllable with my GOLF SECRETS REVEALED PACKAGE which will stop hooking for ever.

Correcting a golf hook is the fastest way to reduce strokes off of your golf game. Hooking a golf ball is also errors that few golfers also makes. Some golfers remain frustrated for years because they never find out why they are hooking a golf ball. But if you are ever going to become a fairway golfer, correcting a golf hook is a must. These simple logic techniques will show you how to cure golf hook just by practicing my Golf Revealed Secrets. In most cases, the hook is NOW controllable with my GOLF SECRETS REVEALED PACKAGE. You will stop hooking for ever.

get a good grip

A good grip is also a solution component for a golfer’s game and is necessary to have a time after time good straight game, giving you the ability to shoot low scores with simplicity.

When the grip is worn-out, poor shots often result along with an incoherent and unpredictable game. Therefore it is recommended for your game that your grip is change every 60 games (most common used) to get a constant feeling. How many times, do you hear a golfer saying “My club slipped out of my hands”.

Buy a grip according to your hand size. Many golfers used small grips and should use a medium size. Visit a professional custom builder to obtain proper size according to your hands. There are many grips available today on the market, even for people who are sweating or even beginners to position your hands correctly.

First, place the club in your left (opposite for lefthanders) hand; close your left hand around the grip as if you were shaking somebody's hand. Your thumb should be pointing down the grip, slightly to the right of centre. Frequent errors most golfers make are gripping the club too tight with the right or the left hand causing the ball to hook or slice.

A weak grip creates an open club face causing your ball to slice or hook. Becoming a good golfer is a matter of practicing and playing on a regular basis. Small changes can often create a big difference in your score. Once you start correcting a golf slice or hook with my techniques, you'll soon gain more trust and even your friends will asked what have you done? Just answer “ Simple questions of logic”

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