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tips to cure your slice naturally if you can

Slices and pulls come from the same basic swing fault. Each time, the club head approaches the ball on an out-to-in swing path. Most golfers know, this is one of the most common errors in golf. The easiest way to know if your club is travelling from out to in, just look at your divot. When the divot time after time points to the left of the target, you are swinging outside in.

Anyhow, whether the ball slices or pulls is simply a function of the clubface. If the clubface is closed or even square at impact then the result will be a pull. If the clubface is square at impact, why is the ball headed left? Because of the club path moving from outside to inside. If the face is open at impact, the result will be a slice with a severe clockwise spin. However, look at the club face to see where the ball has left a mark. This will give you an idea where you hit your impact according to your actual swing.

in practice

That said, the slicing stroke for most golfers is most deeply felt in the longer clubs, mostly the woods. These straight-faced clubs are much less tolerant to an outside in path and the ball spins very much to the right.

advantage with higher loft

The greater loft of some drivers encourages backspin. This backspin tends to negate the slicer's sidespin. Result? The ball will go straight but less distance.

suggestions how to fix slice if you can

To achieve the objective, there are five known tips. Try any of them. You will probably make some errors; otherwise use my technique according to your actual swing

TIPS #1: Start with your grip.
Shift both hands to the right on the club until you can spot three knuckles on the back of your left hand. Make sure, however, that the "V" formed by the thumb and index fingers of both hands are parallel. This grip technique will allow you to rotate the clubface and balance it up.

TIPS #2: Body alignment.
Align your shoulders, hips, knees and feet to the right of the target. Then, move the ball back slightly in front of your stance. This will help you creating a more inside to outside swing path.

Again these tips are easier, however if you are not comfortable, many people use baseball grips and it works because the V is still align.

TIPS #3: Try straightening your right arm earlier on downswing
Picture yourself standing on a clock face. The ball is bang in the middle of the clock. Twelve o'clock is your target, with your feet aligned parallel. Feel as if you can swing the club from 7 o'clock to 1 o'clock. Or, from inside towards outside. However at time of impact, both hands are facing down parallel each other. Try the exercise by stopping each time 1 inch before the ball impact to see if your hands are place properly and look at the club face to see if it is square.

TIPS #4: Keep your right arm straight on the impact
As the club swings through contact, sense your club head closing as you insistently move your right arm over your left forcefully squaring up the clubface.

TIPS #5: Hitting shots from a side hill stretch out will also help
Place the ball several inches above the level of your feet. Hit shots from there. Observe how this promotes a more rounded swing plane and a more controlling in-to-out path.

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