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Tips For Fighting Slices On A Practice Range

Slow play on the golf course is caused often by golfer who has major’s slices, as he or she acquires bad practice. Or it's the result of the golfer never having been educated proper golf course manners. This means a slow golfer aggravates the relation with his friends but also the foursome that follows him. So what should you do to improve your slices? Let me give you a free tip.

Like I always said in my previous articles, practice is I believe, the most important factor between someone who will succeed and the one who will fail. A driving range usually is 3 times the width and even larger sometimes than a regular fairway. So golfer really doesn’t care if he miss the ball, as he knows it will stay in the driving range, but he forgets that it will be a slice on a real course. I will give you a little trick that you can practice on a driving range which will help you reducing your slice. But you must be patient and practice, otherwise it won’t work.

First, when you are ready to hit your ball, you will take a complete new set up. You will calculate the normal distance you usually take, when you putt your driver on the ground, and ready to tee off. Then, you will close both legs to make sure that both shoes touch together. Not even one inch will separate theses shoes. Subsequently, you will hit your shot at half speed swing, meaning that, if you hit 80 miles per hour, you will hit around 40 miles per hour, like if you were using a wedge for approach. The first reaction you will have is that it will be very hard to keep your balance while you will be on your down swing.

However you will notice that your ball will travel more that 100 yards straight in the fairway. Why? Simply because your body is all shrink and you worry falling on the ground.Therefore, your mind is concentrate only at that particular problem, and you forget all the mistakes, about your shoulders and your hands. Once you will hit 5-10 balls, increase distance between your shoes by 2 inches at the time, and restart the same procedure. More you will increase distance in between and more you will feel confident on the ground and realize that, more distance you want to achieve, more mistakes, you will make with your shoulders, and your hands. A good practice on a driving range is to increase speed with your driver slowly to normal and to determine what is causing your slice, either your hands or your shoulders on your down swing.

I hope this will help you reducing your slices, and if you asked yourself “I am normal golfer”? Just remember that you are part of the 80 % of the golfers around the world that slices and slowly, you will transfer to the 20 % remaining golfers.

Enjoy your golf game.


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