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Before I proceed with a list of suggestions for adjusting tee height, it's important to note that many of these tips have nothing to do with speeding up your play, but rather simplifying your shot according to your actual swing The bottom line is, as soon as it's your turn to play, you should be ready to step right up and hit your ball without asking» Is it too high or to low? Here are some tips for helping you to play on the golf course.

Select the correct set of tees according to your actual swing and not as per the normal rules of golf. Why I am telling you not to follow the rules? Very simple because none of us have the same swing and therefore, the impact on your club face will be different.

2 types of golfers and 2 types of impact.

There are many different swings according if you are professional, amateur or even beginner golfers, however the 2 most important ones are; you are down swinging with your shoulders which means you are using your shoulders to turn your body when you hit your ball and you are using your hips on your downswing and make your follow threw.

So from there, how do we adjust our tee according to our actual swing? First, determine if you are a shoulder golfer or a hips golfer. Let me explain the consequence of a shoulder golfer. When you turn your shoulder on your down swing, what you do not realize, is that, at the time of the impact your club will be raise about 3/4 inches from the floor. Why? Well simply because when, you first position yourself for your tee off, your both shoulders are parallels, your club is on the ground and your body alignment is properly set up to come back at the same place after your downswing. However by turning your shoulders your are advancing the club by 1 or 2 inches ahead of you, depending how bad is the rotation, which create to lift the club, because your arm is extend at the maximum, and you have no choice lifting your club.

The impact will result on the top of the club face which will create the ball to go lower and less distance. You will need to putt you tee higher, when your ball is on the tee, and when placing the club face behind, the bottom of the ball should be level to the top of your club face. After hitting your shot, you will realize that the mark on the club face will be exactly in the middle of your club height, which is the perfect position for a nice fly. A golfer using his hips will simply putt his tee normal which mean half of the ball over the top of the club face, because he will come back at the same position of departure. No matter how you play, the ball has to come back to the middle of the club face which is the key for a perfect flight. So do not follow the normal rules if you don’t have a normal swing. Adjust yourself to your actual swing, especially if you do not want to become professional. This tip is good for all types and sizes including the oversize drivers.

Have a nice game.


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