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How to choose your golf balls

For some of you including me,the golf season just start, and we are ready to begin a new season thinking, that this year will the year! We all want to reduce our handicap and some of you have changed your complete equipment, including new shoes, new bag, etc. However when times comes to decide which golf balls we should use, most of you buy golf balls according to the numbers of games they will play during the season. More games, much better ball, less game, the cheapest will do the job.

And this is where the mistake begins. Golfers should not buy golf balls according to the numbers of games they are playing, but according to their handicap which is totally different approach.

Reason why I am taking this approach, is to simply identify, who has a better control of their swings. Scratch golfer who plays 70-77 makes very few mistakes compare to golfers who plays 115 + with slices or hooks.Therefore, how should you choose your golf balls according to your handicap?

Well, first, let's talk about the number of dimples which is very important for your swing.If you are a high handicapper, this mean, that you have no control on your drive.Do you know that if you use a golf ball with over 400 dimples, your ball will fly longer than usual, and you will have a better control of your slices?

A lower handicapper will use a softer ball with a lower compression, to have more control and more backspin on his approach, because he has no problem with his drives.

The problem with the manufactures of golf balls is, they all want to win the war on the longest drive, no matter who you are, and they simply don't putt attention to their clients, distance is the number 1 priority for them, because that is what golfers also wants!

When you shop for golf balls, ask a specialist who knows about golf balls, don't buy, because of the prices, and tell him what you want, control or distance. He will be able to give you the proper golf ball

This will help you to enjoy you favorite sport, even if you are a high handicapper.

Have a nice game and relax


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