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Ball Impact On A Club Face Could Give You Much Information To Your Problem

I would like to discuss today how a golf ball impact creates tremendous slices or hooks according to your actual golf swing. Every time you miss your sweet spot (the center of the club face) by 1/2 inch to the left or the right, you are loosing 7% distance of what you should normally obtain. Moreover, every time your club face open more than 1 degree, you are also loosing 7 yards to the left or the right again.

Have you ever thought, when professionals golfers teach you or try to teach golf lessons, they do not realize that, it took 20-25 and even 30 years to become professionals!. They all want you to learn this within 5 or 6 hours.You know I have lot of respect for them, because most of them have sacrificed theirs lives to become professionals.

However most of golfers play between 5-10 games per year and they are not ready to invest that time and effort that professionals did. All they want is to only have fun with theirs friends and drive straight in the fairway to reduce their handicap as much as possible.

Today, new technology has permit golfers to increase distance, precision and quality for amateur's golfers. However, sometimes golfers have to come back to basics and realize that they simply don't need all theses techniques to improve their game. All they need is to stop thinking, visualize the result and make simple changes, just basics changes that could tremendously increase their confidence in their game, which on a long term will decrease their handicap.

This is just a simple question of logic.


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