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A golf slice fix, is without doubt, one of golf's most wanted after pieces of advice. The slice, where the ball curves strictly from left-to-right through the air is a very devastating shot. It such a common and annoying fault that whole books, such as are committed to completely solving this problem. It is caused by a combination of an out-to-in swing path and an open clubface. The degree to which you slice the ball is completely dictated by these two factors.

The most general cause of an out-to-in swing path is an open address position. If you try to cure your slice by aiming your body well to the left of the target then you're asking for problem. Because it's the whole set-up position to hit the ball from left to right, you're more likely to find yourself in deeper difficulty. When you start with problems at the address, the chances of making the correct back and down swing are made much more complicated.

When trying to hit the ball straight you should always set up correctly with your shoulders, hips and feet square to the target line. However if you always hit your ball to the tip or the bottom of the clubface that means that you simply do not follow the target line. Therefore if you are not a professional and you only want to have fun with your friends, play around 5-10 games per year, use a technique which consist of adapting your actual swing according to your golf ball impact. If you still insist trying to play like a professional and you think you will be able to correct it, well use this little technique below. However, you will have to be very, very patient.

Once the club gets outside the ball-to-target line in the downswing you're more than likely heading for trouble and there is very little you can then do to stop the slice. To avoid this from happening try this easy mental advice. When you address the ball imagine there is another ball positioned three to four inches ahead of the real ball. As you start the golf club down, aim to hit the actual ball but also try to keep the club travelling along the path to the imaginary one. This mental image will help you to maintain your downswing on an in-to-out path and avoid that golf slice.

Memorize and try to visualize there is another ball three to four inches ahead of the actual ball. Aim to strike the actual ball but keep the club travelling along a line towards the imaginary one. This will keep the golf club on the correct swing path - not along the path (top diagram) that causes the golf slice.

Have a nice game Robert

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