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Golf Ball Compression

Why is it so important even for amateur’s golfers?

Many golfers who plays around 5-10 games per year do not realize the importance of a golf ball. Some of them think that it will not make any difference on their games and only look at the prices instead of the advantages and disadvantages. The market for golf balls is over $ 560 millions and over 875 millions balls manufactured by the industries. Every company is battling very aggressively to produce the miracle ball that one day will travel from the first to the 18 holes in one shot! I wouldn’t be surprise one day that someone will come with an insert micro chip inside that soon after your hit your ball, you will control with your remote and tell her where to go, and how far. Hey, they did it with the pulls carts and some of them end up in the lake

To understand a little bit more on how you should choose a golf ball, let’s look at the advantage and disadvantage of theses balls. I will give the bottom line of each ball which will help you making an intelligence choice. First what is the most important thing that you are looking when you play golf? Do you look for distance, back spin, feel, durability or control? Once you have chosen your category, identify how much distance you are making with a driver and if the ball goes straight or not. If you need more distance and ready to sacrifice some control lowest compression will be the best ball for you. Usually theses balls are designed for lady, junior and seniors golfers. However if you are a golfer that has tendency of slicing, use a 90 compression which will help you keeping your shots straight in the fairway. Like I always said, if you are not a professional, control is a priority instead of distance. 90% of the golfers average 200-220 yards meaning a regular speed of 80 miles per hour at the impact of the ball. The key for distance is to take a ball which is about 10 compressions less than you average speed, if you play straight only. Here is a little chart below to give more information on golf balls.

80: Lowest compression is designed for lady, junior, and senior golfers. The softer core allows for a more spring-like effect off the club face, increasing distance while sacrificing some control.

90: The compression of choice for the mass of golfers who has slices.

100: Harder, tighter core that can really only be taken benefit of by advanced golfers with high swing speeds over 100 miles per hour.

Reason why I do not suggest any companies is simply to be fair with the industry as I am not here to promote any balls, but only to give you information that will help you enjoying this sport.

SOFTER OR HARD LIKE A ROCK. I am gonna make a suggestion as this is personal feeling. Some people prefer soft which barely makes a sound and seems floating of the club around the greens. Some others will prefer hard for durability. One thing that everyone agrees on is the number of dimples, which increase better flies. Shallow dimples generate more spin than deeper ones, increase lift, also stay in the air longer and roll less. Hope this will help you selecting the best ball for you, according to your actual swing.

Have a nice game Robert

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