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amateur golfer versus professional?

Is there a relation between an amateur golfer and a professional?

The most important one is: Respect as much as possible the rules but most essential, for my opinion, it is the fairway.

An amateur golfer must play the game and conduct himself in accordance with the Rules. In both cases, the only objective is to finish with a score as much lower possible. However the amateur golfer will enjoy his game playing with his friends while the professional only has one objective, to win his next tournament because there is big money involve. An amateur golfer will try his best to reduce slice or hook that could putt him in trouble. A professional golfer knows that he has to stay in the fairway because his second shot could cost him $100,000.00 in ranking position or sponsorship.

So what is the relation between professional and amateur golfer? Answer: The Fairway. Why do I talk today about the fairway? Simply because I noticed every time I play golf, there are always some golfers that do not replace theirs pieces of turf or peat after hitting theirs shots. Same thing happen on the green after a chipping shot or short iron when the ball hit the green. Why is it so important to putt back theses pieces of turf? Simply because, if a golfer behind, hit your piece of grass, do you know that the ball could end up in a very bad position depending the speed and where you were on the fairway. I even saw some golf balls ending in the forest because of that. The same problem will happen when your ball starts rolling directly in the hole and then jump, because the previous golfer did not level his mark, before putting his shot.

Of course, professional golfers have caddies to do all this and they are getting paid for. You will notice that most of golf courses members replace or level their grass because they respect each other and are always on the same fairways. Therefore for all others, act as if you would be a member or a professional and soon you will see that you will gain respect from other golfers .You never know, one day someone in the street will meet you and tell you: Hey! I saw you on the golf course last time, why not play a game together next time! and this is where he will see if you act like a professional.

Respect the nature and have a nice game. Robert

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