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How should you practice on a driving range?

How many times do we see golfers on a driving range using only one club (driver?) as all they have on their head is to drive their ball so far and tell their friends” Did you see that?” Theses golfers usually are beginners or type of golfers that think that the only way to reduce their handicap is distance and nothing else as balance will be easy. This is where they are totally wrong. First a good golfer has to know the distance that HE makes with each clubs and not what his friends makes with his clubs. Bring yourself a little pad with a pencil and write down all your clubs and keep 3 sections for slice, hooks and one for the distance.

A good way to start is to bring your driver, one fairway club preferably a 3 wood and 5-7-9 irons because theses are the most common use on a fairway. The difference from a small basket which contain about 35-40 balls and a big basket which has about 60 is not worth the difference. If you have 5 clubs for 60 balls, it is only 12 balls instead of 8 and will see your improvement much faster on a long run.

Start using your shorter club as it is much easier to start and improve your swing After your first 12 balls with the same club, write down how many slices, hooks and average distance that you made with the club. Remember not to hit your 12 balls like a terminator as this is not a race against the clock but a practice to determine your actual swing and to become constant. We will develop in further e-mails but this practice will help you determine the basics on how to select a club on a fairway to achieve your goals. Of course, obstacles, length of the grass will be factors to take in consideration, but we will not discuss today as I will let you digest this part first. A good system is also is to obtain a golf impact spray (see the home page, remember that is only good for practice
and can not be use for tournaments or for simple golf) before your shot and look where the mark is on the club face after your shot. Then applying my simple technique will help you solve your slices or hooks.

Remember that a practice should take at least one hour minimum and if you are going faster, you SIMPLY don’t take the time to examine what you did on your first shot and to compare to your second shot and so on. Enjoy your golf and practice


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