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This is all about producing a golf swing power from the ground up, through your feet, hips, shoulders, arms, hands and ultimately though the head of the club into the ball. Any break or disorder in this "chain" will quickly turn your super power-swing into a wet firecracker.

The key is to get every small amount of energy possible transferred into the ball -- and that doesn't mean you need size and strength. Stronger. Look at some professional golfers :.some of them do not weight more than 200 pounds yet they hit over 300 yards ,while some others weight over 300 and will hit less then 200 yards.

Get more of the energy to the ball, where it counts!

The secret is to get rid of as many of your "power leaks" as possible by keeping your " sequence reaction" intact.

The dynamic force of the swing is you core rotation. However what many beginners simply ignore that, this is one of the key factor that increase distance and not the arms of the golfers!

the power of rotation come from the earth!

When you start your backswing and only use your arms instead of your feet and arms, you reduce 50% chances to rotate fast enough to create a spring effect on your downswing.

The 2 factors that golfers are weak at or neglect

Read carefully as this will help you increase your swing power !

LEFT SHOULDER AREA (or right for left hand golfer): Some tension in your shoulder area muscles will obstruct the flow of energy coming from the feet up through the body. In fact, rigidity will always restrain the flow of power, so you want to stay calm, loose, and stress free.

WRIST TENSION AND THUMB PRESSURE: You'll particularly want to keep all tension out of your wrists. In most cases wrist tension is cause by squeezing the club grip with your thumbs, too tight. You should be able to easily pick up your thumbs with no tension all the way through the swing. Soothing your thumbs may at first feel like the club is about to fly out of your hands, but do not worry about it. You've have to try to see the difference.

Observe the professionals and you will see what I am leading at. Their legs go from bent to straight as they rotate through the shot. By using this technique, you will increase your speed in no time.

The Common Golfer Uses Less Than 5% Of The Strength
Obtainable From His Feet And Legs

Maximize helix and keep body stress-free with a light grip

On your backswing, keep most of your mass on right foot. Enlarge your posture, with toes pointed out. Apply a strong grip and light grip pressure. Make a large arc and do your best for maximum extension.

Maximize loop and get left shoulder and hip behind ball on backswing.

To maximize loop, don’t raise left foot on backswing.Pivot wrists fully at top of backswing.Make sure to complete the backswing, to put the club
in the right position.

Don’t let your left arm crook at the top of the backswing.

Start your downswing by pointing the base end of the club toward the
ball.Loosen up arms, make a trivial approach, postpone turning of shoulders on downswing, let arms extend and pull shoulders into finish.

Speed up the club slowly on downswing. Swivel shaft through impact.Try to produce maximum club head speed when the club head passes the ball, not at or before impact. Remain head and upper body behind ball during swing.

Try to keep your right heel on the ground longer on downswing to
help keep your body back.

Smack the ball on the upswing.

Throughout the swing, the only stress point in your grip should be at the point where the lower pad of your right thumb meets the knuckle of your left thumb.

Want additional distance without effort? If so, simply turn your shoulders a little farther on the backswing. This extra loop creates a greater swing arc and thereby produces greater force. And the more force gained, the more club speed possible during the release.

The consequences of that small extra turn will disclose that power depends mainly on a full free swing and a postponed hitting action, not upon a forced, accelerate tempo.

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